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Atomium, Brussels

After 50 years of existence, the iconic Expo’58 main building needed a considerable renovation to fully enter in the 21st century. It has been achieved through the renovation of the existing structure and outside skin, the design of a new ticketing pavilion and their integration in a large scale reorganization of the surroundings. Inside the building,  the architectural intervention consisted mainly in making visible the genuine dramatic steel structure, directly inherited from the 50’s heroic engagement with modernity. Works of world renowned artists such as Alicia Framis (H2O sphere for children) and Ingo Maurer (lighting design) complete the project.  Outside, a large public space with fully integrated benches all made of the same beige poured concrete, plays with the gently slope of the terrain and offers spaces for small and extraordinary events. This multifaceted project gave a deserved new start for this Old Lady, (re) anchoring her in the center of the Heysel Plateau, and giving her a spectacular visibility for an ever larger range of visitors. Johan Nielsen was project architect for Conix Architects.