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Architectural Design Competition, Brussels

The main building of the existing veterinary school complex, dating from the 19th century, had to be renovated and rehabilitated into a business centre, comprising offices, conference and meeting rooms, canteen, etc.
One of the challenges of this rehabilitation was to introduce into this listed building high energy standards, while keeping the existing facade.
The strategy we adopted was to consider the facade and the outer walls of the building as a single complex- that would stay untouched – focusing our architectural intervention on the imbrication of contemporary spaces inside this existing outer walls another new complex was therefore created, matching the highest standards in terms of insulation,ventilation and heating systems; floors of this new complex had to be dissociated from the facade to avoid any thermic bridge. Main circulations have been inserted between the outer walls and the newly created inside complex, thus allowing for the users/visitors to benefit from the view of the preserved historical interior elements.
The design of this interior complex and the use of polycarbonate walls give a very contemporary character to the interior, visible from the outside due to tailored internal lighting systems included in the walls.