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House renovation in Uccle – the void and the light

Renovation and rethinking of the 3 upper levels including the pitched roof level of an existing house in Brussels. The assignment was 3 new bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The house presents « 3 rooms in a row» plan, typical for Brussels first half XXth century houses.
The core of the intervention consists in the creation of a totally new space under the roof and in doing so the re-designing of the entire stairwell.
The new layout of pitched roof level offers a strongly identified atmosphere and space for a single bedroom. The stairwell is re-qualified through a carefully dimensioned floor opening and translucent walls at the upper level. In this « puit de lumière » comes a thin and white staircase.
The translucent wall is made by specific polycarbonate panels on aluminum structure. The staircase is made with a single steel plate forming the rises and the stairs anchored in the masonry, allowing varied light and shadows nuances.