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Klipveld – House reconfigured

Uccle – Single Family House transformation and extension – Completed //

This project consists of the renovation of a family house in Brussels and the construction of an extension at the rear.
Although relatively small in dimension this project was, in many respects, challenging. The objective was to solve the lack of space typical in this type of house, with rooms spread over several storeys; a classical distribution of two rooms per floor, with no possibility to combine the kitchen, the dining room and the living room on the same level.
On the ground floor, an additional volume is added, with wide openings to the garden, allowing for more space and light. This extension now enables the establishment on the same level of the kitchen, dining and living functions, thus increasing the practicality as well as the conviviality of this space.
Inside, the ground floor and basement benefit from additional natural light gained through the openings in the roof of the extension.
From the outside, the extension marks it’s presence, introducing a contemporary twist to the rear facade. A terrace is created on top of the extension, accessible from the master bedroom on the first floor.
A wooden framed structure is used for the extension. The structural parts of the wall are prefabricated, while the inside and outside shells are installed on site. The exterior facade is built to give it a highly energetic style and is clad with wood panels.