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Entrance module for a villa in Linkebeek

Single family home extension
The request was to create an additional entrance for an existing family house in the surroundings of Brussels. Instead of just adding another « entry door », a decision was made to create an entirely new space, attached to the house and connecting both the ground/entrance floor and the first floor with room on a porte a faux.
The extension gives real added value to this concept of an entrance; it better shapes the interior – exterior dimension, and at the same time allows for a better connection to the building, creating a form of courtyard, protected by the porte a faux.
Inside, the installation of top lighting between the existing and the new space reinforces the feeling of the connection between them. The room created on the top of the extension overlooks the garden.
A wooden framework with high energy efficient qualities associated to glass elements is used for the extension.
Clear, simple and expressive.