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Housing building and kindergarden – competition for Anderlecht municipality

Architectural Design Competition, Brussels :

The following question was at stake is this project : How to make cohabiting occupants, children and families, living in the residences and using the kindergarden, while at the same time respecting the intimacies of each of them, and promoting this strong signal of living-together and tolerance throughout the neighbourhood.
Several strategies were implemented to cope with this challenge:
By manipulating the buildings shapes, sizes and positioning, by establishing hierarchical relations for the external spaces and by carefully creating circulation schemes and perspectives, the project deploys a series of solutions for each user.
The program is spread into two distinct buildings entities.
The first one is established in Chaussee de Mons. It houses four apartments with crossing plans, access to the back building and the kindergarten.
The second is located on the park front, with the kindergarten and three apartments. Located at the heart of the tract, it is one of the many buildings within the parcel of land with its facade facing the public park.
This lay-out liberates two external spaces: the Berlin-type courtyard located between the two buildings for free use, and the garden of the kindergarten located between the second building and the park.
The two buildings constitute strong architectural objects. Their facades are the logical results of the plans, searching for views and natural light, contrasting with its surroundings.

This project is done in association with architects Dominique Delmarcelle and Cristian Crisan (temporary partnership CMDN architecture).