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Crossing – Multi-Purpose Equipment

Schaerbeek – mixed program: a multi-purpose room, a sporthall, classes and a nursery – competition, third prize //

Among the trees of the Josaphat Park, overlooking the Crossing stadium, a curious and colored transparent screen houses various functions and equipment. Nevertheless, this unexpected image is the one of a rigorous project, imbued with a rational logic both in environmental and operational approach. As an embracing, the project completes the closure of the today unfinished Crossing Stadium.

One vertical core but differentiated entrances allow partial and/or total use day and night. The three main functions are superimposed: Sport Hall in the basement, Multi-purpose Room on the ground floor, classes and daycare upstairs. The three accesses are grafted onto existing paths of the park. North: access to the sport room, classes and daycare, East: access to the multi-purpose room, West: Access to the   Services Green Spaces and their tools.

Outside, the colored vertical structure is made of anodized aluminum profiles, covering the concrete surface and extends beyond the building itself to include entrances, outside enclosed spaces and terraces.

This project was developed with Atelier De Visscher & Vincentelli.