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Nursery and public facility in Grace-Hollogne

Grace-Hollogne, avenue des Dix-huit Bonniers – mixed program: nursery and public facility – competition 2015, second prize  //

On a site situated in a social housing complex the municipality wants to implant a ONE nursery for 36 children with the possibility to extend up to 72 children and a ONE facility in a second phase. We adopted a dual strategy. A programmatic strategy: delivering a project that keeps a rich identity and atmosphere through the two phases. A landscape strategy: starting with a site with a feeling of placelessness to produce a welcoming and livable place at the scale of both the children and the surrounding landscape.

From F. Courtejoie, Coeur de Crèche  in A+ Architecture en Belgique N°258 February / March 2016:

“The team Manger Nielsen Architects & Atelier De Visscher et Vincentelli proposes a compact and sculptural volume at the end of the plot and proposes to the users a moment of nature prior to entering the building. This walk through this wooded area in front of the new building gives a depth to the plot both visually and physically. The vegetative atmosphere refers to the heap nearby. This bold (and controversial) proposal is probably the most appropriate for the development of the second phase at the front of the plot.”

The project is a collaboration Manger Nielsen Architects with Atelier De Visscher & Vincentelli.