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Judo hall and low-energy social apartments

Schaerbeek, chaussée d’Helmet– mixed program: Judo hall  and refurbishment of existing appartments – competition 2013, first prize – currently under construction //

This project consists of two separate buildings: a new dojo hall at the back-end of the site, and a refurbished housing building on the frontside.

The dojo hall is built to create an untroubled atmosphere dedicated to the art of living within the sport hall. We propose an almost abstract and sober space where natural light, vegetation and windows play with lights and shadows and where the soundscape is quiet and relaxing. The technical solutions and structural elements of the dojo are chosen regarding to this peaceful atmosphere

The existing building facing the street is reused to host four apartments.

The project is a collaboration Manger Nielsen Architects with Atelier De Visscher & Vincentelli.