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Performance hall and cultural facility in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode

Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, chaussée de Louvain / rue Scailquin – mixed program: performance hall, multi-purpose rooms, offices for the associative sector, restaurant, café, social apartements – competition 2016, first prize – currently tender phase  //

The « Maison des cultures et de la cohésion sociale” of Saint-Josse-ten-Noode in Brussels is a public cultural facility dedicated to culture and social life. The project is developed in the framework of the Contrat de Quartier Durable « Axe Louvain ».

The project consist in 4 interventions:

– The renovation of the classified historical Theater “Marignan” in chaussée de Louvain and the implementation of lobbies, a restaurant and a café.

– The reconstruction of a major performance hall and its serving spaces

– The construction of a cultural center formed by 4 multi-purpose rooms and offices for the associative sector

– The construction of 3 social apartments

The major feature of the project is the performance hall. Its character lies in its adaptability, its inner spatial and acoustic qualities and its dedicated serving spaces and circulations. The project reconfigures the urban quality of the urban bloc through a subtle layout organizing the functions, the public and the collective spaces and an expressive typology. A collective unbuilt planted space links the different interventions and opens up the rue Scailquin, today lived as an urban freeway hostile to pedestrians. The several facilities are distributed in the different buildings according to their relation to the public space and the changing degree of need for openness, visibility and accessibility.

The project is a collaboration Manger Nielsen Architects with Atelier De Visscher & Vincentelli.