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Research Abstract

Manger Nielsen Architects considers that in order to ensure a socially responsible space production the “mediation value” of a project is the best indicator of its sustainability.
This belief is reflected in the close collaboration that Manger Nielsen Architects has built with two major European universities (KU Leuven and UPC Barcelona) mainly through the development of a theoretical research on the topic of "architectural project suitability".
At the heart of this research lies the notion of « Space Configuration » and its application to real context, a.o. the partly undefined suburban spaces.
“Space Configuration” defines the mediation value of the project all throughout the 3 steps of the project’s implementation: conception, execution and life as a “built object”.
“Space Configuration” defines the mediation value of the project as the capacity to mediate sequences of conceptual triads as reality / ideas / project, authors / builders / users, construction / know-how / cultures, individuals / nature / communities, etc...
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