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Office building in Brussels

The building phase of the new bridge-structure entrance  in the Pacheco district has begun. A color mockup of the ceramic cladding has been made.

Preliminary design for Frasnes-Lez-Anvaing

Our design for a house in the parc des sept collines in Hainaut received an enthusiastic approval from our client. The building permit phase is about to begin.

Scandinavian Architecture

Manger Nielsen architects will present his research on scandinavian architecture at the LUCA Toonweekend (april 26th-28th) in Ghent and the Jornadas Cientificas (May 29th-31st) in Barcelona.

House in Brussels refurbished

Interior renovation works for a four storey house in Brussels are terminated.

Office building in Brussels

The building permit for the new bridge-structure entrance of the office building in Pacheco district has been issued. MNA starts the construction document phase.

House extension in Uccle: Timber cladding

The cladding work has just started. The specific detail of the main frame is realized with thermo-modified dark brown poplar boards.

Passive house in Schaerbeek Opening

Last Thursday was the opening of the social housing in Schaerbeek. On this occasion the project owner, the Schaerbeek municipality, received the BATEX award from « Bruxelles Environnement » for this building, […]

Nursery in Schaerbeek

Schaerbeek. The design for a 46 children daycare building was submitted. The brightly colored volumes in a dense vegetation define the identity of the building, creating a subtle relation between […]

Public Library

Manger Nielsen Architects awarded second prize for a new public library in Morlanwelz (BE). The proposal, elaborated together with Atelier d’Architecture Devisscher & Vincentelli, integrates the library in the very […]

Appartment in Uccle delivered

Works for the renovation of an appartment in Uccle are terminated, client gets in next week.

COAC 2012 Congress, Barcelona

Barcelona, may 23th-25th, Johan Nielsen will present his research report on space configuration at the COAC2012 International Congress. More info on

Wood bench in Uccle delivered

The wood bench / platform for the family house in Uccle is terminated. Materials are painted steel and padouk wood profiles. The wood – first completely orange – is already […]

Social housing 200 rue de la Poste – Building shell completed

The building shell of the social housing 200 rue de la poste is completed! The poplar cladding begins to take his silver-grey patina. Finishing and technical works are about to […]

Manger Nielsen Architects in LAB – OUT NOW!

Our project of social housing for the Schaerbeek municipality is published by SADBr in the LAB #1 « contemporary architecture in Schaerbeek”. is online

Webdesigner Jonathan Lambotte & Manger Nielsen architects just finished the design of the website.