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Parc des collines – A new house

Frasnes-lez-Anvaings – House, Low Energy building – Building Permit Development // This house is located at the heart of the Parc du Pays des Colinnes in Belgian Hainaut. The client […]

Crossing – Multi-Purpose Equipment

Schaerbeek – mixed program: a multi-purpose room, a sporthall, classes and a nursery – competition, third prize // Among the trees of the Josaphat Park, overlooking the Crossing stadium, a […]

Josaphat – Housing and Commercial Space

Schaerbeek – commercial space and two apartments – Competition // At the heart of the street This intervention in the Josaphat Street is located in the heart of a neighborhood. […]

Marien – Nursery

Schaerbeek – Nursery for 45 children – Competition, second prize // The project is designed as a set of distinctive colored shapes among the trees. This playful image is one […]

Cale sèche – Public Library

Morlanwelz – Civic library and public space – Competition, second prize // To design and build a public library today is not limited to the study of the building itself, […]

Klipveld – House reconfigured

Uccle – Single Family House transformation and extension – Completed // This project consists of the renovation of a family house in Brussels and the construction of an extension at […]