Office - MangerNielsenArchitects

Manger Nielsen Architects (MNA) is a two partner’s office with a rich international background. Ingrid Manger (GE) is an architect and interior architect. She is also trained as a cabinet maker. Johan Nielsen (DK, FR, BE) is an architect with an interest in cultural and urban studies. They established their office in Brussels in 2010. Collaborators of different competence profiles complete the team.

Enriched by their diverse culture and experience, contemporary concepts are at the heart of their approach. Rigorous architectural process and intelligent use of space and resources constitute the basis of MNA’s modus operandi. They have developed a language of honesty with the material, love for details, creating buildings that mark their presence while respecting their environment. MNA’s range of capacities covers the design, planning and management of projects, in both the public and private sectors, with a specific focus on housing, offices and educational/cultural buildings. MNA coordinate complex teams of skilled specialists.

MNA’s workforce lies in its ability to master the values and ideas of its client/ contracting authority and to accompany them until the completion of the project. In this regard, during the entire life of the project, from the design phase until the execution phase, MNA pays particular attention to relationships with their clients/ contracting authority, as well as with the various parties involved in the project, a.o. the end users.The durability of any project is approached from multiple angles: creativity, dialogue between the parties, spatiality, elegance, high energy performance and techniques used.

Since 2013 MNA runs a design studio at the International Master, Faculty of Architecture, University Leuven, Campus Brussels/Ghent (BE).