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Performance hall and cultural facility in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode

Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, chaussée de Louvain / rue Scailquin – mixed program: performance hall, multi-purpose rooms, offices for the associative sector, restaurant, café, social apartements – competition 2016, first prize – currently […]

Judo hall and low-energy social apartments

Schaerbeek, chaussée d’Helmet– mixed program: Judo hall  and refurbishment of existing appartments – competition 2013, first prize – currently under construction // This project consists of two separate buildings: a […]

Nursery and public facility in Grace-Hollogne

Grace-Hollogne, avenue des Dix-huit Bonniers – mixed program: nursery and public facility – competition 2015, second prize  // On a site situated in a social housing complex the municipality wants […]

Social residence for elderly people

Molenbeek, rue J. Lemaire – mixed program: 31 social apartements and daily living equipment – competition 2014, first prize – currently tender phase // This project is a new development […]

Housing in a former hearses building

Evere, avenue du cimetière de Bruxelles – mixed housing program: 25 houses and apartments, gardens and community gardens – competition 2014, first prize – currently building permit development // An […]

Social Housing – Passive House Building

Schaerbeek – Social housing – Completed and Certified // Renovating the city. Within the framework of the district renovation project “Contrat de quartier Lehon Kessels” (Schaerbeek, BE), the request of […]